Professor Madeira

Madeira has been teaching in the UK since early 2002. From the Muzenza instructors currently teaching in the UK Madeira is the earliest still running classes based in London, with some days of the week in Kent. He has observed a transition of a large number of instructors from all background and has observed the evolution of capoeira in the UK.

Madeira had heard about capoeira from influential family members, through family stories and performances in the town where he was born. One day an instructor came from Recife to start capoeira classes in his town. Like most of the children, Madeira could not afford the classes and so started collecting recyclables to sell in order to pay for the classes. After 3 months he had saved enough money to start capoeira classes, but unfortunately the instructor returned back to Recife after Madeira had trained for a month. Madeira kept on practicing on the weekends with a friend (nicknamed Pesão) who traveled to and from Recife, working there during the week and coming to his home town for the weekends. Madeira continued practicing when he could until he moved with his family to Foz de Iguacu (in the South of the country).

Later Mestre Bene passed the classes on to Contre-mestre Ari, and so Madeira reunited with his Contra-mestre. In 1997 Madeira moved to Curitiba-PR to study, starting a new life in Curitiba where he restarted to train capoeira with Mestre Burgues. It was here, at the headquarters of Grupo Muzenza Capoeira where he sharpened his skills, awareness and professionalism, always observing, following and respecting Mestre Burgues’s conduct and having contact with some of the greatest and most respected Mestres of the world.

In 2001 Madeira moved to Europe and in 2002 he started his professional capoeira life, based on developing skills and self-confidence, helping his students find their true place in society and meaning of life. His first capoeira classes were at The British School of Shiatsu Do in London, 2002. From then his work grew and improved through his serious and dedicated nature, spreading his classes throughout London and Kent. In 2004 he created his own capoeria project for children; a project he had since Foz de Iguacu, which he adapted for the British society, aimed at children who are disadvantaged, disabled, and of minorities.

In 2005 Madeira started to teach for The University of Kent, then in 2006 he began teaching capoeira for the Royal Academy of Dance where he used his fun and friendly attitude to instruct children of all backgrounds and children with learning and physical disabilities. In 2007 Madeira moved the Capoeira Kids Project to the Afri-Carribian People’s Organization (Charity number 1036434), and extended the project to all young students in London and Kent. In 2008 he started teaching for the Central School of Speech and Drama and City University.

Along his capoeira professional life he has done numerous performances with his students, at The Brazilian Film Festival, Finfest Festival, Festivals promoted by Step Into Dance/Royal Academy of Dance, Art Fest Festivals, Kent Dance Congress, etc. He has also made appearances on TV, and has had the much appreciated opportunity to meet and teach famous people, such as politicians, actors, musicians, historians, philosophers, authors and models. Madeira is known by his students and associates as a fun loving, dedicated individual who will challenge the limits and help people to achieve goals they may not have believed possible. He is truly involved in the art and provides a unique understanding of the history, culture, music and art of capoeira and the Brazilian culture.

Madeira has been teaching Capoeira in London since 2002. His classes focus on all aspects of Capoeira, from the fight to the history and philosphy, from the art to the music and dance. Most of his current classes are focused in central London and in Kent. Madeira also runs a successful program teaching Capoeira to young and disadvantaged children.