Group Muzenza Philosophy

“During the walk around the world you will find all there is in life, good and evil. The success of the walk will depend on your capabilities as a player, particularly, your personality, your disposition, and lots of malicia.” – Mestre BURGUES

Grupo Muzenza’s main purpose is to spread capoeira. As its working philosophy: seeking the technical, theoretical and pedagogical development of capoeira as a cultural art, a fight, a job and a way of life, always trying to bring back the value of elder masters as credible representatives of the true Brazilian cultural manifestation.

It also aims to contribute to the formation of new professionals of capoeira, based on respect, discipline, socialization and freedom of expression as a world citizen.
Seeking the growth of character, dignity and personal valorization, Grupo Muzenza tries to pass capoeira on to the group’s followers as a fighting art and the manifestation of a people who use it to express their freedom and traditions.

Capoeira Group Muzenza trains both in both Angola and Regional styles.